Cost effective freight management solutions.

FREIGHTWARE® Transportation Management Solutions provide an effective way to increase productivity and gain control of your transportation and logistics operations, all while minimizing costs.
Web based applications, available as stand alone applications, or they can be integrated into any existing infrastructure.

What if you don't need a full TMS solution?

Many companies lease or purchase full blown TMS applications to integrate into their existing infrastructure, only to use a subset or portion of the functionality. Our modular approach solves this costly issue by providing only the functionality you need.

TMS shipManager

A simple Bill of Lading / Shipping Label document generating application that provides small shippers with an automated interface to TMS auditManager, or can be used stand alone to automate shipping.

TMS rateManager

A freight rate management system that takes your carrier rate contracts and quotes, and files them electronically for easy access and retrieval.

TMS auditManager

A freight audit and payment processing application that provides an interface to process your shipment transactions from receipt of the shipping order through to payment processing.

But if you do want full TMS functionality…

TMS Complete

We've taken the power and functionality from each of our other applications and combined them into one new application.

A true end to end solution. FREIGHTWARE® TMS Complete provides optimized rating, routing, manifesting, tracking and post-shipment analysis for all small package, LTL, TL, Rail and Bulk shipments between any points in Canada, the USA and Mexico.